Year Book

President Ian Harvey (Marlow B.C.)


President’s Foreword

May I thank the members of the London and Southern Counties Bowling Association for the honour of becoming your President for 2017/2018.

I will endeavour to uphold the traditions and maintain the high standards of the Association, while helping to further the aims of our sport and to encourage a growth in membership.

I look forward to working and possibly playing bowls with my fellow officers and thank them for all their support and co-operation in continuing to give their time to the Association.

Unfortunately the many games that have been played in the past are now not happening, but the competitions continue to thrive. I wish all the players and clubs success and hope that new names and faces enter the competitions. It is a good way of getting new people joining the club involved in a competitive mode for other competitions the Club may play.

I look forward to an enjoyable year and wish you all success with your bowling, good health and good luck for 2017/2018.