Roger Purssord Report from Finals Day.


Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am Roger Purssord your general secretary, your treasurer, your yearbook editor  and the competition secretary for area A.

I sound like the girl on the Barclays advert asking for pin numbers, but I trust that you understand that I hold four positions previously held by four members of our executive most of who have passed away.

We currently have just one member, Steve Griffiths, from Bounds Green representing all 105 outdoor clubs so in a nutshell we need more bowlers to come and join the executive committee.

We have four main meetings each year in January, April, July and October plus we have a quick meeting on both the outdoor and indoor finals days.

We pay a meeting allowance and if any bowler who joins us takes over an admin position we also pay an out of pocket allowance.

The Association is in very good hands at the moment and we would all like to be here in ten years time, but ..... unless more bowlers come forward, there may be no finals day in 2028.

I would ask you all to convey my advert for the Association back to your clubs; in the meantime I would be happy to answer any questions just email or phone me.

Thank you